Get HOME to Kentucky before my Uncle Leo Dies

Hi, my name is Lance BBQDAD Merrick. I am raising money for GAS for my RV. I live in Alaska, and my Uncle Leo lives in Kentucky. He is dying slowly and miserably. I desperately need to move home, but the cost of gasoline is preventing me from doing so. My RV and Car pulled behind to get 10 miles to the gallon.

As a musician, I can drive and play at local bars along the way on my 10,000-mile tour starting May 5, 2023. But I can’t depend on getting the needed GAS to make it home to Kentucky.

My band website is

Please let me sing and play for my Uncle Leo and give him joy in the last few days of his life. I am desperate. I need help. I am on Social Security, and that just won’t cut it. I’m 62, and he is 90!

If all my 5000 fans gave one dollar, we could load up and hit the road today!

Please, I need it; any amount at all would help. Give $5. Fill my tank for $150. Anything, Please.


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